QIP 2016 Call for Submissions

Important Dates

    • Submission of talks deadline: Friday, 25 September at 23:59 Anywhere-on-Earth (AoE)
    • Poster-only submission deadline: Friday, 23 October at 23:59 Anywhere-on-Earth (AoE)
    • Notification (for both talks and posters): Friday, 6 November

Instructions for Submission of Talks

All submissions for talks must be made electronically through the online submission system EasyChair at

Contributed talks at QIP are intended to be representative of outstanding recent research contributions to the theory of quantum information and computation. Each submission to QIP for a talk should consist of two components:

  1. Extended Abstract. This should be 1 to 3 pages in length and contain a nontechnical, clear, and insightful description of the results and main ideas, their potential impact, and their importance to quantum information and computation. Extended abstracts should not consist of a compressed version of a full paper, but instead should facilitate an intuitive understanding of the research results that they represent and help the program committee in assessing their importance. Extended abstracts should be in PDF format, and typeset in single-column form with reasonable margins and font size at least 11 points. The 3 page maximum does not include references.
  2. Technical Manuscript. This is a full paper of the work, including technical details. This manuscript may be from an on-line repository, such as arXiv; however a PDF copy of it must be uploaded.

The Program Committee reserves the right to decide how to treat submissions that deviate from the above format (and reserves the right to reject such submissions solely on the basis of their format).

Best Student Paper Prize

A submission is eligible for the student prize if and only if the main author(s) is/are a student(s) at the time of the submission and will present the work at QIP, and further a significant portion of the work (at least 60%) must have been done by said student(s), including the majority of the key ideas. Eligibility can only be indicated at the time of submission. All authors are notified if their paper has been labelled as eligible for the student prize, and have 14 days following submission to voice any disagreements about the paper's nomination to the PC chair. The PC chair is free to ask for any clarifications regarding the students' contributions at any time.

Instructions for Submissions of Poster Presentations

After September 25, submissions for posters can made electronically through the online submission system EasyChair at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=qip2016postersubmiss.

EasyChair Instructions

  1. If you already have an EasyChair account from another conference, you can use that account to submit a paper to QIP 2016. 
  2. If you have not used EasyChair Conference System before, click 'sign up for an account' for instructions on how to setup an EasyChair account. 
  3. You will have to indicate your name, give a password and a valid e-mail address. 
  4. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. To continue, click the embedded link. 
  5. Complete the sign-up process by filling out your account information and clicking 'create my account'. 
  6. You will then be shown a confirmation. 
  7. Sign in with the user name and password you provided in step 3. 
  8. Click 'New Submission' from the menu to upload your submission. 
  9. Fill in your 'address for Correspondence'. Make sure your correspondence information is correct. 
  10. Next, you can add authors to your submission manually. To add co-authors with whom you have already submitted a paper via EasyChair press 'click here to add an associate' and select them from the list. By default three author forms are shown, additional forms can be added by clicking the link 'add more authors' at the bottom of third author form. 
  11. Fill in the paper 'Title' 
  12. Fill in the 'Abstract' field with the abstract of typically 100-150 words. 
  13. Select the relevant category for submission by clicking on the radio button. Please check the group box for Best Student Paper Prize only if all co-authors of this submission are aware of the eligibility criteria of the prize and actually support the choice. 
  14. Provide a list of keywords. 
  15. Upload the PDF file of the extended abstract by clicking on the 'choose file' button in 'Upload Paper' section. Do not click on 'Abstract only'. Complete the process by clicking 'Browse' and finding the corresponding file (in pdf). If you want to upload also a longer technical version as an attachment, you can do that here to. Click 'Submit Paper' to finish. 
  16. You will then be taken to your paper's main page which will have several links in the top right hand corner. Here, you have the options to update or withdraw your submission until the submission deadline. 
  17. To submit an updated version of your paper, click 'Submit a New Version' and attach your updated paper (in pdf). The version that will be considered for reviewing will be the one deposited here at the time of the submission deadline.