The Eleventh Workshop on
Quantum Information Processing
New Delhi, December 17-21, 2007


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General information

QIP 2008, to be held at the India International Centre, New Delhi, India, is being organized by the Indian Association of Research in Computing Science with support from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

Quantum information processing is the recasting of computer science in a quantum mechanical framework. It improves on classical computers and classical complexity bounds by making use of quantum mechanical phenomena. After Peter Shor's 1994 discovery of efficient quantum algorithms for factoring and the discrete log (threatening current "classical" cryptography), the field has grown explosively and is now one of the most active subfields of both computer science and physics. QIP 2008 is the eleventh workshop on theoretical aspects of quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum information theory in a series which started in Aarhus in 1998 and was held last year at Brisbane.

QIP 2008, like its previous editions, will feature invited talks, contributed talks and a poster session. The invited talks will be chosen by the Steering Committee, and the contributed talks by the program committee.

Other events: QIP 2008 in New Delhi will immediately follow the 27th Annual Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science conference (FSTTCS 2007, December 12-15, 2007), which is being organised by the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science at the same venue. The Workshop on Quantum Correlation and Quantum Computing (QCQC 2007, 11--13 December 2007) will be held at the Centre for Theoretical Studies, IIT Kharagpur,

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Previous QIP workshops:

2007, Brisbane, Australia
2006, Paris, France
2005, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
2004, Perimeter Institute and Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo
2003, MSRI, Berkeley
2002, IBM, Yorktown Heights
2001, CWI, Amsterdam
2000, CRM, Montreal
1999, Depaul, Chicago
1998, BRICS, Aarhus