The Eleventh Workshop on
Quantum Information Processing
New Delhi, December 17-21, 2007


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Invited talks

Contributed talks

Note: The order in which the papers are listed is not significant.


Note: The order in which the posters are listed is not significant.
  1. Jingbo Wang and Brendan Douglas. Graph identification by quantum walks
  2. Yasuhiro Takahashi and Noboru Kunihiro. A Fast Quantum Circuit for Addition with Few Qubits
  3. Christian Schaffner, Barbara Terhal and Stephanie Wehner. Cryptography from Noisy Quantum Storage
  4. Go Kato and Yasuhito Kawano. Quantum Protocols using Quantum Orthogonal States: ``Collapsing Quantum Digital Signatures'' and ``Quantum Identity Authentication''
  5. Amit Bhar, Indrani Chattopadhyay and Debasis Sarkar. A comparative study on measures of pure state entanglement through Incomparability
  6. Debasis Sarkar and Indrani Chattopadhyay Incomparability of Pure bipartite states as non-locality beyond Entropy of Entanglement.
  7. Ashley Montanaro. Quantum search of partially ordered sets
  8. Andre Chailloux and Iordanis Kerenidis. The role of help in Classical and Quantum Zero-Knowledge
  9. Andre Chailloux and Iordanis Kerenidis. Honest-Verifier Quantum Statistical Zero Knowledge for all Interactive Protocols
  10. Dan Browne. Efficient classical simulation of the Quantum Fourier Transform
  11. Yumi Nakajima, Yasuhito Kawano, Hiroshi Sekigawa, Masaki Nakanishi, Shigeru Yamashita and Yasuhiko Nakashima. Synthesis of quantum circuits for d-level systems using KAK decomposition
  12. Charles Hill and Jason Ralph. Control of Two Qubit Systems with Hamiltonian Feedback
  13. Tathagat Tulsi. Quantum computers can search rapidly by using almost any oracle transformation
  14. Joseph Fitzsimons and Jason Twamley. Globally controlled fault-tolerant quantum computation
  15. Jop Briet and Peter Hoyer. Purification of Non-Stabilizer States
  16. Sougato Bose, Abolfazl Bayat, Stefano Mancini and Daniel Burgarth. Spin Chains as Quantum Channel with Memory and Antiferromagnets as Channels
  17. Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay. Lower bounds and exact entanglement cost in distinguishing orthogonal quantum states by LOCC
  18. Donny Cheung, Dmitri Maslov and Simone Severini. Translation Techniques Between Quantum Circuit Architectures
  19. Apoorva Patel. Improving Quantum Random Walk Search on a Hypercubic Lattice
  20. Shuang Wang, Zheng-fu Han and Guangcan Guo. A novel secure quantum direct communication protocol without quantum memory
  21. Andrew Scott. Optimizing quantum process tomography with unitary 2-designs
  22. Chirag Dhara and ND Hari Dass. Reconstruction of unknown qubit states after measurements
  23. Shohini Ghose and Neil Sinclair. Tripartite entanglement and nonlocality in 3-qubit states
  24. Phaneendra HD and Shivakumar MS. Quantum Sort: An efficient approach to sort the elements than classical merge sort
  25. Phaneendra HD and Shivakumar MS. Quantum Traveling: An efficient approach for solving Traveling salesman problem
  26. Vidya Raj Chitradurga and Shivakumar MS. Quantum framework for graph isomorphism problem
  27. Toshiki Ide. Accidental cloning of a single photon qubit in two-channel continuous-variable quantum teleportation
  28. Francois Le Gall and Yoshifumi Inui. Quantum Property Testing of Group Solvability
  29. Brendan Douglas and Jingbo Wang. Efficient implementation of quantum walks
  30. Aram Harrow and Richard Low. Random Circuits are Approximate 2-designs
  31. Anindita Banerjee and Anirban Pathak. Probabilistic model of fault detection in quantum circuits
  32. Dong Pyo Chi, Jeong Woon Choi, Taewan Kim, Jeong San Kim and Soojoon Lee. Three-party d-level quantum secret sharing protocol
  33. Vidya Raj Chitradurga and Shivakumar MS. Analysis of fast quantum algorithm for hamiltonian circuits
  34. Arijit Ghosh, Sudebkumar Pal, Anupam Prakash and Virendra Singh Shekhawat. Generation of higher order n-CAT states.
  35. Akira SaiToh and Robabeh Rahimi. Yet another framework of a quantum noncooperative game
  36. Sebastien Gambs. Quantum learning tasks