The program runs from Tuesday to Saturday

These dates should allow international visitors to book flights allowing them to be absent from their home institution for only one week, if they choose

Presenters are reminded that they must register.

Poster presentations: please note that posters must be NO LARGER than A0 size (46.81'' hig by 33.11'' wide)

Draft program

9:00amChilds (invited)Cirac (invited)Yao (invited)Aliferis (invited)Aaronson (invited)
11:15amAmbainisKoenig (invited)Chuang (invited)BennettLe Gall
2:25pmWinter (invited)
Liu (invited)
2:30pmNayak (invited)
4:00pmBusiness meeting

Invited talks

Scott Aaronson The learnability of quantum states
Panos Aliferis New directions in quantum fault tolerance - subsystem codes, slow measurements and postselection
Andrew Childs Quantum algorithms for hidden nonlinear structures
Isaac Chuang Experimental QC Today: Babbage or Qintel?
Ignacio Cirac Efficient simulation of quantum systems
Robert Koenig The bounded storage model in the presence of a quantum adversary
Yi-Kai Liu New QMA-complete problems, with applications to quantum chemistry
Ashwin Nayak Search via quantum walk
Andreas Winter The mother of all protocols - quantum coding for dummies
Andrew Yao Magic square, 3-SAT and quantum 3-prover systems

30 minute oral presentations

Approximate quantum (t, t)-designs and derandomizing the measurement in a random basis Andris Ambainis
Quantum Reverse Shannon Theorem: Complete and Unabridged Charles Bennett
Merlin-Arthur games and stoquastic complexity Sergey Bravyi
QMA Completeness and Adiabatic Quantum Computation in a One-Dimensional Chain Daniel Gottesman
Semidefinite Representations of Quantum Strategies Gus Gutoski
Superpolynomial speedup using the quantum Fourier transform on the symmetric group Aram Harrow
Error correcting codes for adiabatic quantum computation Stephen Jordan
Exponential separations for 1-way quantum communication complexity, with applications to cryptography Iordanis Kerenidis
Exponential Separation of Quantum and Classical Online Space Complexity Francois Le Gall
Negative weights makes adversaries stronger Troy Lee
Quantum universality by distilling certain one- and two-qubit states with stabilizer operations Ben Reichardt
Dishonesty and quantumness do not help a verifier in a classical honest-verifier zero-knowledge protocol Shengyu Zhang
Perfect Parallel Repetition Theorem for Quantum XOR Games Falk Unger
State discrimination with post-measurement information Stephanie Wehner
Redistributing quantum information Jon Yard

15 minute oral presentations

Quantum search with variable times Andris Ambainis
Quantum additive approximations of the Potts model and other points on the Tutte Plane Itai Arad
Uncertainty, locking and mutually unbiased bases Manuel Ballester
Quantum extractors and the quantum entropy difference problem Avraham Ben-Aroya
Entanglement-assisted quantum error correction Igor Devetak
Quantum network communication -- the butterfly and beyond Debbie Leung
Entanglement and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics Sandu Popescu
An efficient quantum algorithm for the hidden subgroup problem in extraspecials groups Luc Sanselme
The computational complexity of PEPS Norbert Schuch
Good Quantum Codes with Fast Encoding and Decoding Circuits Graeme Smith
Monogamy of Bell correlations and Tsirelson's bound Ben Toner
The quantum Chernoff bound and asymptotic error exponents in quantum hypothesis testing Frank Verstraete
Entanglement renormalization Guifre Vidal

Poster presentations

On multipartite entanglement measures Gerardo A. Paz-Silva
The BQP-hardness of approximating the Jones Polynomial Itai Arad
Stoquastic MA and The Local Hamiltonian Problem Arvid Bessen
Asymptotic Entanglement Manipulation of Bipartite Pure States Garry Bowen
Product, Entangled, and d=6 MUBs P. Oscar Boykin
Loss tolerant optical quantum computation with weak nonlinearities Aggie Branczyk
Quantum simulation in the presence of noise Michael Bremner
Time optimal quantum unitary operations Alberto Carlini
Quantum Information in Computer Networks Juan Carlos Garcia-Escartin
Bounds on Quantum Correlations in Bell Inequality Experiments Yeong Cherng Liang
Obtaining the Devetak-Winter bound for Quantum Key Distribution in Terms of Entanglement Distillation Jean Christian Boileau
Rapid state purification of a qubit register using quantum feedback control Joshua Combes
Asymmetric and Adaptive Error Correction in Quantum Computation John Cortese
Finding the Kraus decomposition from a master equation and vice versa Jim Cressner
Engineering correlation and entanglement dynamics in spin systems Toby Cubitt
Targeted quantum search: Reduces the Time and Cost for Searching for Files in peer-to-peer Networks H. D. Phaneendra
A Finite de Finetti Theorem for Infinite-Dimensional Subsystems Christian D'Cruz
The geometry of quantum computation Mark Dowling
On the Quantum Circuit Complexity Equivalence Milos Drezgic
Distinguishability of Multipartite Unitary Operations Runyao Duan
Quantum Query Algorithms for Certain Problems and Generalization of Algorithm Designing Techniques Alina Dubrovska
Proposed test of induced neural synchrony against an information-theoretic Bell Inequality Andrew Duggins
No nonlocal box is universal Frederic Dupuis
A father protocol for quantum broadcast channels Frederic Dupuis
Entanglement in Gaussian matrix-product states Marie Ericsson
Entanglement Renormalization and Quantum Criticality Glen Evenbly
The Hidden Subloop Problem; or, Beyond Associativity Steve Flammia
Channel-adapted Quantum Error Recovery Andrew Fletcher
Random distillation of multiparty to two-party entanglement Fred Fung
Random distillation of multiparty to two-party entanglement Fred Fung
Security proof of quantum key distribution protocols with and without rotational symmetry Chi-Hang Fred Fung
Time-shift attack in practical quantum cryptosystems Chi-Hang Fred Fung
Nonconstructive methods in size of quantum and probabilistic automata Rusins Freivalds
An analysis of Quantum Walks Ian Fuss
Entanglement Purification of Any Stabilizer State Scott Glancy
No quantum advantage for nonlocal computation Anthony Short
The Macroscopic Properties of Periodic Ising Models are Uncomputable Mile Gu
Quantum Search: Reduces Time to Crack classical symmetric cryptographic algorithms Phaneendra H. D.
Software Protection with Quantum Tamper-Proof Hardware Paper Ghaith Hammouri
Private Key Quantum Cryptography Ghaith Hammouri
Decoherence in Quantum Walks and Quantum Computers Andrew Hines
At the quantum limit of classical interference: photon statistics of an extremely phase squeezed two mode N-photon state Holger Hofman
An explicit family of unitaries with exponentially minimal length Pauli geodesics Wei Huang
Quantum Random Access Coding using Multiple Qubits Hazuo Iwama
Steering, Entanglement and Nonlocality Steve Jones
Simulation of infinite 2D lattice systems with PEPS Jacob Jordan
Boolean functions with low polynomial degree Elina Kalnina
Quantum Digital Signature: Signatures Collapse upon Verification Go Kato
Gap-definability and BQP Yasuhito Kawano
Optimal computation with non-unitary quantum walks Viv Kendon
a quantum universal source coding algorithm with logarithmic workspace Masahiro Kitagawa
Time-optimal quantum evolution of mixed states Tatsuhiko Koike
On parallel composition of zero-knowledge proofs with black-box quantum simulators Alexandra Kolla
The Security for Quantum Public-Key Cryptography Takeshi Koshiba
Theory of damped quantum oscillations in coupled phase qubits Norihito Kosugi
Class of Languages Recognizable by Probabilistic Reversible Decide-and-Halt Automata Maksims Kravcevs
Improved Fidelity of Optical Zeno Gate via Distillation and Comparison with Linear Optics Scheme Patrick Leung
Upper bound on the capacity of erasure channel assisted by back classical communication Joungkeun Lim
Fault tolerant quantum computing using non-orthogonal qubits Austin Lund
Physics Oriented objects for modeling QIP Juan Martinez
A lower bound on entanglement-assisted quantum communication complexity Ashley Montanaro
Quantum Control from a Linear Algebraic Viewpoint Peter Morrison
Optimal discrimination of mixed states and their metric Ramon Munoz-Tapia
A Quantum Secure Direct Communication Protocol for Sending a Quantum State and Its Security Analysis Yumiko Murakami
A new construction for a QMA complete 3-local Hamiltonian Daniel Nagaj
Optimisation on a structured space using period finding Sanjeev Naguleswaran
A linear-size quantum circuit for computing the Jones polynomial approximation of the plat closure of a braid Yumi Nakajima
Tight Bounds on Information Gains in Quantum Sealing Protocols Masaki Nakanishi
Quantum Network Coding for General Graphs Harumichi Nishimura
Classical simulation of mixed-state evolution under completely-positive maps Roman Orus
Towards Practical Entangled Photon Quantum Key Distribution Israel Owens
Class of PPT bound entangled states associated to almost any set of pure entangled states Marco Piani
Quantum Asymmetric-Key Cryptosystem Secure Against A Computationally Unbounded Adversary Christopher Portmann
Bound entangled states with nonzero distillable key rate Dong Pyo Chi
Bang-bang control of entanglement between electron and nuclear spins Robabeh Rahimi
Private States in QKD: Better Key Rates from Existing Protocols Joseph Renes
Trade-off between located- and unlocated-error tolerance in quantum error correction protocols Peter Rohde
Non-classical correlation in a class of separable density operators reconsidered Akira Sai Toh
Multiparty Distributed Compression from FQSW protocol Ivan Savov
Tight informationally complete quantum measurements Andrew Scott
Degradation of a quantum directional reference frame under covariant transformations Lana Sheridan
Multi-qubit entanglement and global symmetries: the SU(2) invariant MPS Sukhwinder Singh
Uncloneable Quantum Money Douglas Stebila
The Quantum Fourier Transform on a Linear Nearest Neighbor Architecture Yasuhiro Takahashi
Improved Quanum Bounds for the Claw Finding Problem Seiichiro Tani
Unextendibility of Mutually Unbiased Bases Mohamad Tarifi
Globally controlled error correction schemes Jason Twamley
Information in Black Hole Radiation Greg Ver Steeg
Stochastic Local Distinguishability Jonathan Walgate
Continuous Variable Quantum Cryptography: Post-Selection with Thermal Noise Christian Weedbrook
Infinite Correlation in Measured Quantum Processes Karoline Wiesner
Duality of entanglement witnesses and entangled states Yuchun Wu
Efficient classical simulation of the approximate quantum Fourier transform Nadav Yoran