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from Monday Jan 18, 2010

in German, Link >>

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pdf files of
Programme Booklet >>
Abstracts of all Talks >>

You will receive a hard copy of these files at the registration desk.


Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies


The Swiss National Science Foundation


ETH Zurich (Computer Science and Physics Department)


Quantum Science and Technology


CQT Singapore


QAP European Project


Sandia National Laboratories


Institute for Quantum Computing


id Quantique


There is no "official" conference excursion. In the following you find suggestions for individual trips.

General informations:
For your convinience:

Suggestions for excursions:

- City tour

guided tour through the old town of Zurich

- Kunsthaus  >>

art museum
from ETH: tram Nr. 9 to 'Kunsthaus'
from Central: tram Nr. 3 or Bus Nr. 31 to 'Kunsthaus'
entrance fee: CHF 23.50 incl. special exhibition

- Üetliberg, with optional sledging >>

view over Zurich and the alps (if the weather is good),
if there is enough snow you can sledge down: rent a sledge from Restaurant 'Üetliberg' on top (the sledge has to be given back there)
from Zurich HB: take train S10 13:05 (later departures 13:35, 14:05) arrive on Üetliberg 13:25
from Üetliberg: train S10 16:06 (later departures 16:36, 17:06) arrive at Zurich HB 16:27
train ticket: buy a return ticket to Üetliberg from any ticket machine in Zurich tiping *131 for CHF 16.- (or alternatively from the ticket office at central), it's valid for the whole Zurich area for 24h;
alternatively, buy a Zurich Card for 24h (from the same place) for CHF 19.-, this includes entry into various museums (
sledge rental: CHF 20.- + CHF 50.- deposit

- Zoo >>

with Masoala rain forest hall
from ETH or Central: tram Nr. 6 to 'Zoo' 
entrance fee: CHF 22.-

- Lindt Chocolate factory >>

you cannot visit the factory, but buy chocolate directly from the factory shop
from Bellevue take Bus Nr. 165 at :20, :50 to Schooren (12min), the stop is in front of the factory

- Körperwelten exhibition ('body worlds') >>

from Central: tram Nr. 4 to 'Escherwyssplatz' + short walk to 'Puls5' (see web page or city map Nr. 14) 
entrance fee: CHF 32.- (you can make online reservation and get a timed ticket on the web page)

- Schaukäserei Schwyzerland >>

cheese factory
from Zurich HB: train 13:09 to 'Arth-Goldau' and from there 13:52 to Schwyz (arrive 13:59)
(later departure 13:35 to 'Zug' and from there 14:05 to Schwyz (arrive 14:33))
from Schwyz: 15:58, change in 'Arth-Goldau' arrive in Zurich 16:49
(later departure 16:58 direct arrive in Zurich 17:51)
train ticket CHF 41.20

- Technorama >>

science museum
from Zurich HB: train S8 13:18 to 'Oberwinterthur' (arrive 13:44) and from there bus Nr. 5 to 'Technorama' (you can also walk 10min)
from Technorama: bus 16:30 (later departures: 17:00, 17:30) to 'Oberwinterthur' and from there train to Zurich HB  (arrive 17:11)
train ticket: buy a ZVV-9h day pass for CHF 23.- from any ticket machine of the Zurich transport tiping *141 or at the ticket office at central, its valid in the whole canton for the rest of the day
entrance fee: CHF 24.-

- Regensberg >>

historic old town
from Zurich HB: train S5 13:07 (later departure 14:07) to 'Dielsdorf' (arrive 13:30) and from there bus Nr. 593 to Regensberg (7min)
from Regensberg: 16:20 (later departures 17:20) arrive in Zurich 16:53
train ticket: buy a return ticket to Regensberg from any ticket machine in Zurich for CHF 16.- (or alternatively from the ticket office at central), it's valid for the whole Zurich area for 24h;

- Rheinfall  >> and Schaffhausen with Munot >>

the Rhein falls, historic old town of Schaffhausen with fort Munot.
form Zurich HB: train 13:10 to Schaffhausen (arrive 13:50), from there bus Nr. 1 to Neuhausen Zentrum (7min)
from Neuhausen to Schaffhausen bus every 10min
short walk to Munot
from Schaffhausen: train 16:09 (later departures 17:09) arrive in Zurich HB 16:48
train ticket CHF 36.40 return + bus

- Bern >>

swiss capital and unesco world heritage old town, Münster (dome), parliament, bear pitch
form Zurich HB: train 13:00 (later departures 13:32, 14:00) arrive in Bern 13:57
from Bern: train 16:02 (later departures 16:14, 16:32) arrive in Zurich HB 16:58
train ticket CHF 92.- return

- St.Gallen >>

cathedral with Abbey library (unesco world heritage)
from Zurich HB: train 13:09 (later departures 13:16, 13:39) arrive in St.Gallen 14:15 + short walk to cathedral
from St.Gallen train 16:11 (later departures 16:48) arrive in Zurich HB 17:23
train ticket CHF 56.- return
entrance fee library: CHF 10.-

- Luzern >>

chappel bridge, historic old town, concert hall
from Zurich HB: train 13:35 (later departures 14:04, 14:35) arrive in Luzern 14:25
from Luzern: train 16:10 (later departures 16:35, 17:10) arrive in Zurich 16:56
train ticket CHF 46.- return

- Einsiedeln >> and >>>

from Zurich HB: train S2 13:12 (later departures 13:38, 14:12) to 'Wädenswil' (arrive 13:31) and from there train S13 to Einsiedeln (arrive 13:57)
from Einsiedeln: train 16:00 (later departures 16:30, 17:00) to 'Wädenswil', arrive in Zurich 16:48
train ticket CHF 33.60 return
for a guided tour of the monastry meet at 14:00 at Einsiedeln Tourismus

- Rigi mountain >>

from Zurich HB: train 13:09 to 'Arth-Goldau' (arrive 13:48) and from there by the Rigibahn to 'Rigi Kulm' (arrive 14:47)
from Rigi Kulm: train 16:04 to 'Arth-Goldau' (arrive 16:48) and from there 17:13 to Zurich HB (arrive 17:51)
train ticket: CHF 102 return (to Rigi Kulm via Arth-Goldau)


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