Algorithms in Quantum Information processing

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The last few years have seen progress and great interest in quantum computing and its attendant disciplines. Quite a bit of that work has focussed on the physics underlying quantum computing. But there is also a need to disseminate the results coming out of Computer Science and to connect the notion of quantum computing with the research into computing in general. This was the approach taken at the Algorithms in Quantum Information Processing workshop (AQIP '98) sponsored by BRICS and that took place last January at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Considering the enormous success of that first workshop, we would like to announce the second Algorithms in Quantum Information Processing workshop (AQIP '99). This will take place between January 18th and January 22nd, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It will be sponsored by the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Information Systems (CTI) at DePaul University.


Researchers in the area are invited to the workshop. which will have a program of a variety of talks, along with social events and chances to meet informally with other people.


We will attempt to cover the entire field of quantum information processing, including quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum information theory, and related subjects from computer science. The fact that we will try to take a computer science point of view does (of course) not exclude subjects that relate to physics, but it does exclude subjects such as specific physical realizations of quantum cryptography and quantum computers.


Here is the tentative list of speakers and subject of their respective talks

Michele Mosca Quantum Algorithms Tutorial
Charles Bennett Resources Relations in Quantum Information Processing
Peter Shor Turorial: Quantum Error Correction
Andrew Steane Quantum Error Correction
Dorit Aharonov Limits on the Computational Power of Noisy Quantum Computers
Lance Fortnow One Complexity Theorist's view of Quantum Computing
Alexi Kitaev Quantum NP
Vwani Roychowdhury Universal Gates for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing
Paul Benioff A Simple Example of Definitions of Truth, Validity, Consistency, and Completeness in Quantum Mechanics
Gilles Brassard The Security of Quantum Bit Commitment Schemes
Wojciech Zurek Decoherence -- an Algorithmic Point of View
Asher Peres Bell Inequalities Revisited
David Mermin Correlation and Nonlocality
David Di Vincenzo Quantum Non-locality Without Entanglement
John Smolin Unextendible product bases and bound entanglement
Pawel Horodecki Bound Entanglement
Harry Buhrman Limitations of Quantum Computing: Lower Bounds via Polynomials
Richard Cleve Quantum Communication Complexity
Louis Salvail  Enhancing Classical Cryptography with Quantum Communication
Eli Biham    Security of Quantum Key Distribution
Tal Mor Qubits: from theory to implementation (a brief survey + a case study)
Alain Tapp Pseudo-Telepathy: Power and Limitation of Entanglement
Peter Hoyer Amplitude Amplification
Barbara Terhal On the Problem of Equilibration and the Computation of Correlation Functions on a Quantum Computer
Amnon Ta-Shma The Quantum Communication Complexity of Sampling


Program Committee

Paul Benioff, Argonne National Laboratory David Di Vincenzo, IBM, T.J. Watson
Gilles Brassard, Université de Montréal Artur Ekert, Oxford University
Harry Buhrman, CWI, Amsterdam Tal Mor, UCLA
Richard Cleve, University of Calgary Louis Salvail, BRICS, Aarhus University
Ivan Damgård, BRICS, Aarhus University Peter Shor, AT&T Labs

Organizing Committee

Andre Berthiaume, DePaul University (Chair)
John D. Rogers, DePaul University
Geri Kupiec, DePaul University

If you want to contact either committee, send e-mail to

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