AQIP ’99 Program

(revised 12/15/98)

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9:00am Welcome and Opening Comments

André Berthiaume
DePaul CTI

Helmut Epp
Dean of DePaul CTI

Chair: Tal Mor

9:05am Tutorial: Quantum Algorithms

Michele Mosca
Center for Quantum Computation

10:05am Coffee break

10:30am Tutorial: Resources Relations in Quantum Information Processing

Charles Bennett
IBM Research

11:30pm Correlations and nonlocality

David Mermin
Cornell University

12:15pm Lunch break

Chair: Paul Benioff

2:00pm Bell inequalities revisited

Asher Peres

2:45pm Quantum nonlocality without entanglement

David DiVincenzo
IBM Research

3:30pm Coffee break



Chair: David DiVincenzo

9:00am Decoherence -- An algorithmic point of view

Wojciech Zurek
Los Alamos National Lab

9:45am Bound entanglement

Pawel Horodecki
Technical University of Gdansk

10:30am Coffee break

11:00am Unextendible product bases and bound entanglement

John Smolin
IBM Research

11:45pm Lunch break

Chair: Harry Buhrman

2:00pm Limits on the computational power of noisy quantum computers

Dorit Aharonov
Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton

2:45pm On the problem of equilibration and the computation of correlation functions on a quantum computer

Barbara Terhal
IBM Research

3:30pm Coffee break

The remaining of the afternoon is free.



Chair: Richard Jozsa

9:00am Tutorial: Quantum error correction

Peter Shor
AT&T Labs

10:00am Coffee break

10:30am Quantum error correction

Andrew Steane
Oxford University

11:15am Universal gates for fault-tolerant quantum computing

Vwani Roychowdhury
University of California - Los Angeles

12:00pm Lunch break

Chair: Gilles Brassard

2:00pm Quantum communication complexity

Richard Cleve
University of Calgary

2:45pm Pseudo-telepathy: power and limitation of entanglement

Alain Tapp
Université de Montréal

3:30pm Coffee break

4:00pm Quantum communication complexity ofsampling

Amnon Ta-Shma
International Computer Science Institute



Chair: Richard Cleve

9:00am Quantum NP

Alexi Kitaev
California Institute of Technology

9:45am One complexity theorist's view of quantum computing

Lance Fortnow
University of Chicago

10:30am Coffee break

11:00am Amplitude amplification

Peter Høyer
University of Aarhus

11:45am Lunch break

Chair: Louis Salvail

2:00pm Limitations of quantum computing: lower bounds via polynomials

Harry Buhrman

2:45pm A simple example of definitions of truth, validity, consistency, and completeness in quantum mechanics

Paul Benioff
Argonne National Lab

3:30pm Coffee break

The remaining of the afternoon is free.

6:00pm Banquet at Maggiano’s

Attendees will meet in the lobby of the Palmer House Hilton to board the bus.



Chair: Peter Shor

9:00am Enhancing classical cryptography with quantum communication

Louis Salvail
Aarhus University

9:45am The security of quantum bit commitment schemes

Gilles Brassard
Université de Montréal

10:30am Coffee break

11:00am Security of quantum key distribution

Eli Biham

11:45am Quantum key distribution using parametric downconversion

Tal Mor
University of California - Los Angeles

12:30pm Close of workshop