The Program as it Appears so Far

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Quantum Counting

Authors:Gilles Brassard [ Universite de Montreal (LITQ),]
Peter Hoyer [ Odense University (IMADA),]
Alain Tapp [ Universite de Montreal (LITQ), ]

Conjugated Operators in Quantum Algorithms

Authors:Peter Hoyer [ Odense University,]

Quantum Computing and Counting Complexity

Authors:Lance Fortnow [ University of Chicago,]

Classical Foundations of Oblivious Transfer

Authors:Christian Cachin [ MIT,]

Quantum computation of Fourier transforms over symmetric groups

Authors:Robert Beals [ University of Arizona,]

Computation of polynomial invariants of quantum states and quantum codes

Authors:Markus Grassl [ IAKS, University of Karlsruhe,]
Thomas Beth [ IAKS, University of Karlsruhe,]
Martin Roetteler [ IAKS, University of Karlsruhe,]

Relationships between quantum and classical space-bounded complexity classes

Authors:John Watrous [ University of Wisconsin,]

Multiparty Quantum Communication Complexity

Authors:Wim van Dam [ University of Oxford/CWI Amsterdam,]
Peter Hoyer [ Odense University,]
Alain Tapp [ Universite de Montreal,]

Quantum Bit Commitment from a Physical Assumption

Authors:Louis Salvail [ BRICS,]

Quantum Entanglement Purification

Authors:Charles H. Bennett [ T.J. Watson Laboratories,]
Gilles Brassard [ Universite de Montreal,]
Sandu Popescu [ Newton Institute,]
Benjamin Schumacher [ Kenyon College,]
John A. Smolin [ T.J. Watson Laboratories,]
William K. Wootters [ Williams College,]

Complexity limitations on quantum computation

Authors:Lance Fortnow [ University of Chicago,]
John Rogers [ DePaul University,]

Quantum Communication Complexity

Authors:Harry Buhrman [ CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,]

Quantum Computer Algorithms and Interferometry

Authors:Michele Mosca [ University of Oxford,]

Quantum Computation and Communication

Authors:Richard Cleve [ University of Calgary,]

Quantum Robots and Quantum Computers

Authors:Paul Benioff [ Argonne National Lab, Argonne IL USA,]

Simulating quantum operations with mixed environments

Authors:Isaac L. Chuang [ Los Alamos National Laboratory,]
David P. DiVincenzo [ IBM T.J.Watson Research Center,]
John A. Smolin [ IBM T.J.Watson Research Center,]
Barbara M. Terhal [ University of Amsterdam,]

Noisy Quantum Computation- Solved Problems, Open Problems

Authors:Dorit Aharonov [ Hebrew University,]

On Noncommutative Hidden Subgroups

Authors:Mark Ettinger [ Los Alamos National Laboratory,]

Quantum attacks on classical bit commitment schemes

Authors:Gilles Brassard [ Université de Montréal,]
Claude Crépeau [ Université de Montréal,]
Dominic Mayers [ Princeton University,]
Louis Salvail [ BRICS,]

How much information can one touch in k qbits ?

Authors:Amnon Ta-Shma [ ICSI,]
Umesh Vazirani [ Berkeley,]

Quantum key distribution is unconditionally secure.

Authors:Dominic Mayers [ Princeton,]
Andrew Yao [ Princeton,]

Quantum Effects in Algorithms

Authors:Richard Jozsa [ University of Plymouth,]

Almost any quantum mechanical system can perform rapid search

Authors:Lov K. Grover [ Lucent,]

Alice, Bob and Eve in Quantumland

Authors:Tal Mor [ Université de Montréal (LITQ),]

Quantum Channel Capacities

Authors:John Smolin [ T.J. Watson Laboratories,]

Quantum and Classical Information: Interactions and Reductions

Authors:Charles H. Bennett [ T.J. Watson Laboratories,]

Quantum Lower Bounds by Polynomials

Authors:Robert Beals [ University of Arizona,]
Harry Buhrman [ CWI,]
Richard Cleve [ University of Calgary,]
Michele Mosca [ University of Oxford,]
Ronald de Wolf [ CWI,]